Monday, April 11, 2016

Introduction to Project Management & the Profile of a Software Project

At the end of the lesson student should be able to:

Define what a project is
characteristics of project activities related to manage projects in
   organization and tools and techniques available for project management
special characteristics of and IT project

how IT projects differ from other projects.

What Is a Project?
A project is “a temporary endeavour undertaken to accomplish a unique product or service”
  1.        Attributes of projects
  2.        unique purpose
  3.        temporary
  4.         require resources, often from various areas
  5.        should have a primary sponsor and/or customer
  6.        involve uncertainty
The Triple Constraint
Every project is constrained in different ways by its
             Scope goals:  What is the project trying to accomplish?
             Time goals:  How long should it take to complete?
             Cost goals:  What should it cost?
It is the project manager’s duty to balance these three often competing goals

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